May 28, 2008

The Xterra

Last weekend, we went to Canyon Lake for an XTERRA's basically a triathalon off-road. 1 mile swim, 14-mile mountain biking, 10K trail running. Many of our friends participated, and I spectated (of course) with our friend Travis. His wife Katie did the whole thing by herself...rockstar!!! Our other friend Hayley did the "sprint" version by herself...rockstar!!! Andrew was part of a relay team, that included Beck (who did the mountain biking), and a girl who did the swimming. At least that's what we were told. We never actually met the swimmer or saw her after the race...but apparently, she did a really good job. :) Our other friends Noah and Jamie were there too. We haven't seen them in 4 years, so it was great catching up. Noah also did the whole thing by himself...these people are insane!!

I was so proud of Andrew. He's not typically a runner, and I still don't think I would give him that label. :) But, he did so good. He didn't have much time to prepare, and just went out and did it. 6 miles of thanks!!! So, here are some pictures of the spectacle: (Travis is holding the signs)

Beck doing the mountain bike leg

Noah on his run. The sign says "Geez, you are slow"

Andrew doing the "marathon shuffle"

At least Travis was nice to his own wife


sherpaxc said...

Good job Drew! That Travis is a jerk but dang he is fine!

Joel & Emily Skaggs said...

Great work Andrew.

Katie said...

Very impressive Drew! I'm so glad I got to see y'all that weekend. Let's make a habit if meeting up like that!

Anonymous said...

Hey pot, you are also black!
~from the kettle