February 19, 2008

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

I found our camera's charger, revived the battery and shot a few pics to share. First, I gave Abby another haircut--with Liz's help and coaching this time--and the results were MUCH better than the last time (for those that didn't get to see her think "shorn lamb").

It was more of a "trim" than anything to make her look less scraggly. We basically just removed the indian fringe from around her legs and underbelly. She now resembles a bear --especially from behind. The camera does no justice here. We like how it turned out.

We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary last month --YAHOO

I've been making a career our of our master bath redo it seems. Really more of a career of procrastination. That has changed. I finshed the demolition and removal! It only took 8 months! --ah, but the project is still not done. I should finish in a month or so. To those who I've been describing this to, I'll let the pictures do the talking. To summarize, water leak plus lots of time equals decay equals forced remodel.

I know how an archaeologist feels now after spending 2-3 hours chiseling out the pan hidden in our slab beneath it all, but I didn't find any bones or anything cool.

I finally removed the last of the wallpaper our home that was in the dining room. I textured, added chair rail and crown molding and painted. I'm actually about 40% through a total re-paint of the whole house. This room captures our color theme--only two colors with the baths and kitchen being dark and the rest being light brown with a dark accent wall here and there. Its looking good but sure takes a long time. My painter at work asks me every week how its going then scoffs at the length of time it is taking me. Pros,...they always feel the need to prove their superiority. I didn't bring up my current time table on the master bath project!