May 28, 2008

The Xterra

Last weekend, we went to Canyon Lake for an XTERRA's basically a triathalon off-road. 1 mile swim, 14-mile mountain biking, 10K trail running. Many of our friends participated, and I spectated (of course) with our friend Travis. His wife Katie did the whole thing by herself...rockstar!!! Our other friend Hayley did the "sprint" version by herself...rockstar!!! Andrew was part of a relay team, that included Beck (who did the mountain biking), and a girl who did the swimming. At least that's what we were told. We never actually met the swimmer or saw her after the race...but apparently, she did a really good job. :) Our other friends Noah and Jamie were there too. We haven't seen them in 4 years, so it was great catching up. Noah also did the whole thing by himself...these people are insane!!

I was so proud of Andrew. He's not typically a runner, and I still don't think I would give him that label. :) But, he did so good. He didn't have much time to prepare, and just went out and did it. 6 miles of thanks!!! So, here are some pictures of the spectacle: (Travis is holding the signs)

Beck doing the mountain bike leg

Noah on his run. The sign says "Geez, you are slow"

Andrew doing the "marathon shuffle"

At least Travis was nice to his own wife

May 13, 2008

"I just felt like ruunniing..." --F. Gump

I am signed up to do the running leg of an XTERRA race in New Braunfels this weekend. It is basically like an off-road triathlon, with the swimming being about the same deal, except the bike leg is mt. biking and the run is trail-running. Anyway, the XTERRA appeals to me now that I finally got myself back into shape. Two races, 1/2 distance and full, two categories, individual and team relay. I wanted to do the 1/2 distance XTERRA all by myself, but I could not find a place to train for the swimming without getting roped into a big contract, so no dice. My neighborhood pool opens the weekend of the XTERRA so that wouldn't work either. Sooooo I had pretty much written it off until my buddy Beck calls me and says that he needs a runner. (there is a relay division and he has a swimmer, HE is mt. biking, and his runner had a scheduling conflict).
I had been wanting to to the 1/2 race as I mentioned and figured I could whip out a decent 5k time so I agreed. I was excited. NOTE: I do not run. I am not a runner. I am a cyclist. I have never run longer than 4 miles at a time ever. Period. This seemed really doable and fun-- through the woods and across rocks and streams-- not like pounding asphalt following a never ending yellow line. Game on. Beck and I talked for another 10 minutes or so, then towards the end of the call, the word "10k run" comes out of his mouth. I asked him to repeat and he conifrmed that the team was signed up for the full XTERRA. Yikes! I was under the assumption that it was the 1/2 (5k). Now things just got interesting. I told him that I had a mtb. race that weekend, but after Sunday, I would ditch the bike and be a runner for the next two weeks and really devote some effort to training for this (although I was not, and still am not confident that I can even do this). I can walk it, but c'mon....
I have been running for a little over a week now and DANG THIS IS HARRRD! I hit it too hard, too fast and destroyed my right calf and had to take two days off four days into it, but after proper stretching and massage, I am back on it. I am running 3.5mi. at a time after work, at an 8:30 pace, but will only work up to 4mi. by the end of the week,rest Fri. and Sat. then go for all 6 at once on race day this Sunday. Not the most ideal training plan, but I don't have much time. My only goals: no stopping, no walking, no injuries. Otherwise let the chips fall where they may. Should be interesting. My 8 minute pace will probably fade by mile 4 and I'll be doing the old-man marathon shuffle, but oh, well.
I REALLY miss my bike, but kinda like the shorter distance runs. I may keep them up from time to time and learn to swim efficiently this summer and do a 1/2 X by myself next time.

May 10, 2008

New nephew!!!

Baby Seth is here, and he is so cute and precious. It's kind of fun having a boy in the family. It's sad, but I think I understand boys better than girls...oh well. :) We spent some time over at Emily and Joel's on Tues night. I got to hold the baby, ate some good food, and watched American Idol. Sorry to you Jason Castro fans, but he was terrible.

Here are some pics of our new nephew:

It looks like I'm a natural, but you should feel my heart rate :)

He's so sweet!!!

Andrew...picture face without even trying...c'mon!!!

We look forward to the wonderful things that God has in store for him, and we especially look forward to watching Ella interact with him. :)

On a side note, I've been sort of absentee from the blog lately. Mostly due to a combination of work and school, which has made for a very stressful past few months. The good news...I'm getting a new position at work, and Microbiology is over!! God is doing some great things, and I'm just trying to wait for His timing...sometimes easier said than done.

Another side anyone watching Survivor!?! This season has been awesome...blind-side after blind-side!! I can't wait for the finale tomorrow!!