October 31, 2007

tomorrow, tomorrow!

The Office is on tomorrow, YA-YAH!

October 30, 2007

Feelings Check:

Here's how I'm feelin'. Jack Handey said it best. "I don't pretend to know all the answers. I don't even know all the questions. Hey, wait, where am I?"

October 29, 2007


I took it up a notch with Liz tonight, respect that is..... You all know I'm not much of a movie buff like her, but lately I've been enjoying watching lots of movies with her. Old movies that is (to get me caught up) and I've been enjoying the movies and the time with her and she loves it, so everybody wins! We were watching The Sixth Sense which I've never seen all the way through, just bits and pieces. Is anybody surprised at this? Anyway the dead little girl who'd been poisoned by her mom who appears in the boy's tent at night and is throwing up is Mischa Barton, actress from The O.C. I told Liz that's who I thought it was and she googled or IMDB'd it or something and confirmed it and was amazed! It was a threefold amazement, I believe: 1. she was amazed that Mischa Barton was in that old of a movie, 2. she was amazed that she did not know/had not discovered that on her own, 3. she was amazed that I knew who Mischa Barton was in the first place. Look at me go! :) Look out Jon/Jeff!!!!!

October 26, 2007

Dwight Schrute

Dwight Schrute, yes, Dwight Schrute. Nobody beats that guy!....nobody!

October 20, 2007

Can't believe I did it!

Yep, I did it. I never thought I would because at first I was o.k. without it. I went ahead and took the plunge. I got a yard crew to do our yard! Whoever said you can't buy time was WRONG! I did today and will every weekend until the spring. I love to cut grass, but hate picking up leaves, remember?.. I woke up this morning and stepped outside, opened the garage door to start what would take me 3 or so hours of finding my driveway and grass again and thought, "Its 60 degrees and clear and I have to do THIS,--this is criminal!". -- It would have been if I'd have stuck around and done it, so instead I jumped in the truck, drove down our street and found the first lawn crew I came across. I asked them if they wanted more work, they did, and followed me to the house to survey the job. I showed them around, told them what I wanted and they gave me a bid that was so cheap I didn't have the heart to negotiate it. They were two guys, Beto and Enrique. Beto didn't speak much English, mostly just smiled alot, but Enrique did, although his voice sounded like a 12 year old and he appeared to be in his 40s. Comical. It was around 9 or 10 in the morning and they smelled like they had been drinking already...??? Rascals. Oh well, they did a great job for a fair price and if they show back up next weekend I will be setup nicely.
I went for a bike ride in the nice weather with a smile on my face. Money well spent.

October 13, 2007

Catching up...

Well, I've been slacking on my blog posts recently. So to sum up everything for the past couple of weeks:

1. BRACES ~ I was told in July/August that I would be getting my braces off in November. Yay, I'm in the home stretch, right? WRONG!! I went for my regular check-up last week, thinking "I only have one more month of this nonsense", and my orthodontist tells me I'm going to be wearing them for 6 more months!!! What!?! I mean, I could understand a few extra weeks, but 6 more MONTHS. Yeah, good guessing there Doc. Sheesh...so one more holiday season of "brace face" and "metal mouth"...darn it! I'm sure in a few years, I'll look back on this and laugh. But, right now, my mouth just hurts too much :(

2. Fall TV season ~ I set the TIVO to record all the new "buzz" shows, including Private Practice, Dirty Sexy Money, Big Shots, Rules of Engagement, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, etc. to see if I'd be adding a new show to my already scheduled line-up of The Office and Survivor. I needed a new show, since American Idol and Lost aren't coming on until the Spring, and Grey's Anatomy has become such rubbish (sorry to you Grey's lovers). Well, I was NOT impressed with any of these. Some of them were entertaining, but does every show have to be about how "fast you can get laid" and "how many people can we have an affair with"? Good grief!! And "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" was not near as funny as Travis, Katie, Beck, and Hayley made it out to be (sorry guys). But amidst the same old cliche shows...but one has surprisingly emerged as a definiete contender... "Pushing Daisies". It's great!! After only 2 episodes, I'm sold!! It's unique, witty, whimsical with a little make-believe thrown in...my kind of show. Everyone should give it a shot. I must warn you though, it's the kind of show that you either HATE or LOVE...not really in between. Let me know what you think.

3. RUDY's BBQ ~ this was the first restaurant that Andrew ever took me to. Although, it was during the first phase of our relationship when we were "just friends", it holds good memories. So, Rudy's can mostly be found in Austin and San Antonio, and there's one in College Station. But to our excitement, they have built one just around the corner from us...the first one in Houston is basically at our back door. Yiippeee!! You would think that Houston, TX would offer a better BBQ selection, but there's really not any good ones in our area. So, the grand opening was 2 weeks ago. We tried SIX times to go eat there, and with no luck. The line was always out the door, and we were just too hungry to wait. In fact the first time we had it was last Sat. when my brother bought a bunch of it for the OU-Texas game (Boomer!!) at his place. Soo good! I love their cream corn and chopped beef. Since then, we were finally successful at eating at the actual restaurant, although that now makes the score 1 out of 9 tries. That's a good sign though :)

Wow, that was a bunch of summing up!!

October 2, 2007

Dog Rodeo!!

This past weekend, our friends Travis and Katie were in town doing a little car shopping. They brought their two dogs Bandit and Daisy with them. So, Bandit + Daisy + Jett + Abby = Dog Rodeo!! It was funny, and I'm so proud of Abby. She was actually pretty social, which is very unlike her. And Jett, the smallest one of the bunch acted like the biggest. Daisy gave him a run for his money though. So, here are some pics, although the action shots didn't come out very well.

And this is Bandit's idea of participation: