April 29, 2008

What we've been up to....

I went to Guatemala on a mission trip with several men from church where we all worked like slaves constructing a cinderblock building without power tools. Overall, it was GRRRREAT!!!! One of the better trips I've ever been on. Nope, not Photoshopped, that's me working.....

Next, in sports, I'm riding my bikes more often and even doing a couple of mountain bike races this spring. It feels great and I don't know how I'm finding the time, but I am managing to ride alot more. I got worked pretty hard at a race in Austin and realized how much I had let myself get out of shape. I did my best but the finish results were less than stellar. I did manage to have a blast while "holding down" 14th..HA!

After getting worn-out from a long ride at Huntsville State Park, I was ready for a PBJ, but so was this guy....... (I couldn't resist)

Then, this past weekend our small group from church went camping at Huntsville. I'd always heard rumors of there being gators in that lake, but Aaron made a believer out of me thanks to his boat. I saw two when I went out, but earlier he saw about 8. The "Crocodile Hunters" Aaron and Jeremy:

A strange thing happened when we were just sitting around camp. No breeze, just as peaceful as can be then we heard "crack, ....boom,POP,POP,etc." and saw a big tree just 40 feet from our campsite come crashing down towards us. It was right there before our eyes and I saw it fall in slow-mo. It was pretty cool. It fell on a power line and knocked out the power to half the park.

Keith who is a fireman for Houston put out the blaze 'with his bare hands' conceivably saving the lives of thousands and preserving the park for future genarations at the rate the fire was growing. It was just billowing smoke, and Keith dissappeared into the smoke and within seconds it was out.

As you can tell, it could only have been done by a professional fireman. Thank God for Keith.

Liz has been acing exams in her classes this semester and only has one week left!!!
Go Liz!